Wedding Photography

I have been doing photography at weddings for over 15 years, and what I’ve learned is – no two weddings are the same.   I have done weddings at hotels, in an old theater on Halloween day (complete with “Corpse Bride” theme), barefoot on the beach in Jamaica, with large groups, with small groups, with just the couple, even with shotguns firing over my head during a hunting expedition in Yuba City…I have run the whole spectrum in my experience so I know that each situation is special and I want to give it the special attention it deserves.

That’s why I want to sit down with you for a complimentary in-person consultation and talk about how to make your wedding photos work for you.   To me, it’s not just about a bunch of snapshots from some photographer that showed up, clicked the shutter a bunch of times and left.    At this point I’m not interested in just going through the motions, it means more to me to make the personal connection with you.    In fact, many of my couples have stayed in touch for years after their nuptials, some for photos of their anniversaries or photos of their kids, but some just because the experience made us feel like family!!   Even though some of my clients have said they “hardly notice I’m there” most of the time, I really want to work on making this a happy, fun event with photos that you will treasure for a lifetime.

That’s also why you’re not seeing any packages or prices listed here, or a bunch of needless rules from some cynical photographer who’s just in it for the paycheck.    I’m here to capture lasting memories, and you just can’t put a price on that.     Whether you’re in the car on the way to the county clerk’s office or getting ready to appear on Bravo, I will work to make this fit YOUR budget.

So listen to what a few friends of mine have had to say, and then give me a call….

“One word simply describes what Marie’s photography was able to do for our wedding, AMAZING! From start to finish Marie handled the entire wedding like the professional that she is – extremely patient!! There was not an aspect of the wedding that wasn’t captured. Every single emotion, whether it was romantic, humorous, timeless or classic moments that we will never be able to capture again. She was able to accomplish this with truly amazing results. We are more than impressed and ecstatic with the amount of photos that we received upon the completion of the wedding. What we found even more impressive, was that we were able to view our wedding through the pictures, that is a powerful gift to give…you didn’t even feel her presence which gives the results of natural, original moments.

We truly feel that we have had the best possible experience with Marie Anna Photography and we would strongly recommend them to anyone who is searching for the perfect wedding photographer.

We really feel that we gained new friends out of this, not just someone to take our wedding pictures. Thank you so much for all of your hard work. It hasn’t gone by unnoticed!!”

Your friends, Anne & Bryan…..

“You captured our love beautifully!” – Cariann & James
“There is a reason our entire family comes to you to capture our moments and memories…thank you!!” – Christy & Bob
“We have so many beautiful pictures of our wedding day, I would not have trusted my special day to anyone else” – Theresa (photographer!!) and Joe
“WOW!! Seeing my wedding through your eyes was magical” – Stacy & Tim