Yours Truly

How often have you said to yourself, “Oh I wish I had my camera!”Marie

That’s because you want to freeze frame a moment in life. My name is Marie Anna Bosker and I can make this possible for you. Marie Anna Photography specializes in on-location photography in the Sacramento Valley and extended Northern California region, although I have done shoots as far away as New York or Jamaica!!  Do you have grandparents who would like a portrait in their garden? Perhaps your children have a rocking good time in a bubble bath?  You can come to me or I’ll come there. There are poems in my pictures. I make a recording and remembrance of life. When I remove my lens cap, it’s to capture life as we will never see it again. Life lives, and then the moment passes. Whether the event is an engagement, wedding, anniversary, maternity, newborn, ballet recital, or family holiday…Marie Anna Photography captures the art and beauty that is life.

From an early age art was important in my family. Several members paint, sketch, and play instruments. I decided I could combine it all with my camera. Photography is art for me and I knew early on that this was what I wanted to do.

As mentioned above, I specialize in on-location photography which means I travel to the client. Whether it’s a park, home, beach or mountains, no need to twist my arm, I love to travel.

My approach and technique are simple.   The client calls the shots, especially if the client is under three feet tall. Using a non-intrusive approach with kids allows them to be themselves. Sometimes that might include a mud-bath or a delicate conversation during tea sitting next to a stuffed bear. Whatever the case, I capture them in their moments not mine.

I received an initial photography education at Sacramento City College, and I will always be involved in some form of study. I have had my commercial pictures published in the Sacramento Bee, KCRA News, Sacramento Kids Directory, Kidaround Magazine, the Sacramento Marriott website and many other brochures for local businesses.

Like the Academy Awards, I have so many people to thank! My friends and family have always encouraged me to enter into professional photography.

Thank you for your love and support.

Marie Anna Bosker